Collection of sandals, wedges and high-heels. New Spring/Summer season showcasing informal, fun models featuring details that make them unique.

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Stylish urbanite boots and ankle boots. They stand out for their soft leather, comfortable shape and meticulous finishing touches.

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Timeless Classics

Original and authentic cowboy boots. Tanned, tough leathers resistant to any use.

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Our collections

The JOE SÁNCHEZ collections are backed by a solid industrial infrastructure. Thanks to our proprietary internal management model, the company controls the entire production process and enjoys the necessary flexibility to quickly adjust production times and cut back time-to-market to meet any customer need. JOE SÁNCHEZ products boast a traditional process combined with the latest technology in terms of footwear fabrics and materials.

JOE SÁNCHEZ is actively involved with the FICE (Federation of Spanish Footwear Industries), AICE (Elche Association of Footwear Industries), IVEX (Valencian Export Institute) and ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade).