Joe Sánchez

Joe Sánchez

ESSENCE ktina S.L. started in mid-2008 as a personal project of the brothers Vicente Cutillas, thereby continuing its long experience of years in business the family group.

Since its inception, KTINA ESSENCE S.L. focuses on manufacturing women’s shoes with the hallmark of a meticulous handmade approach to most processes. The fastidiously precise finishes make each shoe unique.  Our women’s boots stand out as the greatest example of this process.

KTINA ESSENCE S.L. currently operates in markets as diverse as Japan, Canada and Russia, although its most significant presence in in Central European markets such as France and the United Kingdom.  We are manufacturers of some of the most important and prestigious brands in the industry. 

Original Boots

In addition to our classic line of cowboy boots, our collection features boots made with smooth, wrinkled, aged and brushed leather, and some with metallic finishes. 


This trendy line focuses on comfort for a target public of women with a youthful spirit.

Our creativity is the driving force behind our corporate growth

Our shoes appear on the market with a tour force of design, while the ‘70s cowboy boots give way to a new concept, imposing an original and sophisticated revival of the cowboy style. Both lines showcase collections adapted to new fashion trends which give continuity to JOE SANCHEZ’s current philosophy of walking in fashion without giving up comfort.

Our designers and modelers receive updates on the latest fashion trends and then add the brand’s personal hallmark to ensure maximum comfort.